Please note: Any investments you make through MIP fall outside the supervisory remit of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. No permit or prospectus is required for this activity. Marktlink Investment Partners

Marktlink Investment Partners

EUR 100 million raised from successful Dutch entrepreneurs and other individuals

At the end of May 2021, the first fund closed, by which point more than 100 Dutch investors (mainly entrepreneurs and families) had between them committed approximately EUR 100 million in capital. The majority of the capital thus committed has since been allocated to several leading private equity firms such as Waterland, Bencis, and AlpInvest.

Three distinctive

Marktlink Investment Partners focuses exclusively on investing in private equity funds.


The team at MIP has considerable experience in the private equity sector, and has been working together for many years. The team is jointly responsible for identifying and analyzing interesting investment opportunities, for strategic allocation, and for portfolio management.

Piet Hein Conijn

Partner / Fund Manager

Piet Hein has an extensive background in private equity, and throughout his professional life has been involved in all aspects of private equity investment. In his most recent position at Rabobank, he was responsible for the bank’s fund of funds and for co-investments on behalf of the bank—a portfolio worth EUR 1.5 billion. He also gained experience in private equity at AlpInvest Partners, where he worked for 5 years in the Co-Investment Team, and at Triacta, a “hands-on” private equity investor that focuses on mid-sized companies headquartered in the Benelux.

Bastiaan van Slobbe

Partner / Fund Manager

Bastiaan has extensive experience in the financial sector, and has been active in various departments within Rabobank, the common theme being his ability to help clients through private equity solutions and complex financing. In his recent position as private equity investment manager at Rabobank, he noticed that this world is hardly accessible to individual investors such as himself. In 2020, he co-founded Marktlink Investment Partners with Piet Hein, with the aim of rectifying this situation.

Hylke Hertoghs

Partner / Fund Manager

Maarten Elshove

Senior Advisor

Michiel Povel


Morgan Hielkema

Investment Manager

Maikel Bárcena

Investment Manager

As an M&A consultant at Marktlink, Maikel has worked on many different acquisition and sales projects involving a private equity investor. In 2021 he joined the team at MIP, together with Piet Hein, to bring his private equity experience to the Marktlink investment community.

Access to a unique
investor community

Investors in our funds will have access to an active investor community made up of all participants in the fund. Each participant in the fund will thus have exclusive access to a unique network of active investors, many of whom have backgrounds as successful entrepreneurs. MIP aims to connect participants in order to facilitate, in the best way, the transfer of knowledge and the sharing of each other’s networks.

Throughout the year it organizes various activities and events for the investor community, including an exclusive semi-annual event for the MIP investor community. It will also play an active role in connecting entrepreneurial participants with the private equity funds involved.